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There are many products in the world today that can cause tooth erosion, and that is because of acid. Acid can be found in things like carbonated drinks, fruit juice, wine, fruit, pickles, yogurt, and honey. To identify the enamel erosion, our Mountainside Family Dental team recommends looking for the following signs:

Sensitivity- Acid wears away your protective enamel. After some time, your teeth will become extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.

Discoloration- Your teeth tend to get more yellow as the enamel erodes. This is because the thinning enamel exposes the underlying dentin, which is naturally dull.

Rounded teeth- As the acid erodes your teeth, it will wear away the edges, making them more rounded.

-Cracks- Small cracks and chips may appear on the edges of your teeth.

Cupping- The acid may create dents on the surfaces of your teeth. It may also make the dental fillings appear like they are falling out of your teeth.

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