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Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults in America. It’s also a common cause for deterioration of bone structure in the face, in addition to making you more likely to contract diabetes and heart disease.

So it almost goes without saying that preventing gum disease, or periodontitis, is highly important.

Let’s look at how you can do just that.

Regular checkups

By far the most effective way to prevent gum disease is to undergo regular dental checkups and to ask your dentist to double check for periodontitis. Of course, he is already looking out for your overall health, but a gentle reminder can help ensure you get the oral health care you need.

Understand risks

Certain things put you at a higher risk for contracting gum disease. In fact, it can actually be hereditary. If your family has a history of gum disease, you need to stay on top of your oral health to prevent it. Also, tobacco use, diet, and age put you at risk for periodontitis as well.

Clean those gums

When you brush your teeth, only around 65% of your tooth’s surface gets cleaned. The rest – the spaces between your teeth, and near your gum line – doesn’t. Flossing helps clean these spaces, getting rid of food and bacteria that cause gum disease.

At the end of the day, preventing gum disease is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. Working closely with our team here at Mountainside Family Dental and keeping a strict oral health regimen at home will do wonders to ward off periodontitis. If you have more questions, or want a screening for gum disease, call us today at 480-359-1473.