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When you’re looking at options to fix your smile from an aesthetic point of view, you’ll be presented with a litany of options. From crowns, bridges, and implants to teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding, how do you know which treatment option is best for you?

Well, you’ll need to have a discussion with your dentist to make that determination, but in the meantime we’ll give you some insight into one popular cosmetic dentistry option: dental veneers.

What are they?

Veneers are simply wafer-thin porcelain shells that sit on top of your teeth, giving them a brand new outward-facing surface. They’re built to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth, and once they’re built they’re simply cemented in place. If you take care of them as you would natural teeth, they’ll last as long as you do.

What do they fix?

The primary use for dental veneers is to cover up small chips and cracks in your teeth, or to whiten your teeth if your enamel is stained too deep for any whitening treatments to work. Veneers are effective at what they do, and many people are immensely satisfied with the results after getting veneers installed on their teeth.

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