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The holidays are one of the best times of the year; however, if you’re not careful they can also wreak havoc on your teeth and your general oral health.

Let’s take a look at how you can still enjoy the holiday season and all the great food without causing any long-term harm to your oral health.

Watch your sugar intake

One of the leading causes of tooth problems, especially seen by our team here at Mountainside Family Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, is due to far too much exposure to sugar. Eating all the Christmastime sweets exposes your teeth to more sugar than normal. This causes more plaque to build up than usual, which means your oral health routine needs to be stricter than usual.

Don’t forget your supplies while traveling

It’s easy to just buy travel toothpaste and brushes at the airport, or at the grocery store back home, if you’re traveling for Christmas. However, you should always take your oral health supplies with you because these are the ones with which you’re most familiar and able to effectively clean your teeth.

Besides, other brushes that are brand new aren’t as good at cleaning as a brush that’s been thoroughly broken in.

If you’re traveling for the holidays and need more advice on how to watch your sugar intake and have a tooth-friendly Christmas, call us today at 480-359-1473 to get your questions answered.