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Restoring your smile to its former glory isn’t always a walk in the park. Depending on what caused your smile’s decay in the first place, you may need extensive or moderate treatment to get back to the smile you deserve.

Regardless of the work you need done to have a great smile once more, Dr. Scott Day and his team here at Mountainside Family Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, can use a variety of dental procedures to get the results you want.

Two of those are dental crowns and bridges, and today we’ll look at the differences between the two.


Dental crowns are a great option if the biting surface of your teeth has been ground away, or if you have minor cracks and chips in your teeth. A crown is a ceramic cap that fits over the top of the affected tooth, after its been ground down to form an abutment. The crown is cemented in place and won’t erode so long as you take care of it like you would a normal tooth.


A dental bridge is a series of crowns used to replace multiple missing teeth. A bridge literally “bridges the gap” left by multiple missing teeth and fixes your smile. Bridges usually use crowns to help anchor everything together, though implants are used as well.

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