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The orthodontic hardware components of your braces have been designed to handle most basic oral functions. However, there are a few things that could damage your braces. So, it’s best to adopt a few simple habits to reduce your chances of suffering any undue complications.

Chewing gum and eating sticky foods are two of the most common causes of braces damage. The suction created can sometimes be strong enough to pull a loose a spacer or bend a wire.

At the same time, the force of chewing hard foods can also cause significant damage to your braces. This could potentially bend wires, break bands, or even loosen a bracket. This also extends to other activities like crunching down on ice or a bad habit of nibbling on foreign objects.

Dr. Jared Mayer, DMD and Kurt Bazilus, DDS also recommends using a quality mouth guard during contact sports and other rigorous activities. An unprotected blow to the face can cause significant dental trauma and damage multiple braces components.

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